StartVids: Wall Street Tales and Linux Talk

July 19, 2010

Michael Lewis at Charlie Rose-Wall Street Talk

“Liar’s Poker”‘s Michael Lewis storyteller investor shares thoughts and opinions on wall street experiences and mingling with top financial personalities, drops wisdom pearls of an experienced and highly talented broker and puts wall street under the magnifying glass for closer inspection by the general public.

Linus Torvalds at CNN-Microsoft vs. Linux

Open source movement monument Linus Torvalds discusses Microsoft in the 2000’s, programming engineering as an art form, hacker culture that generates great software and what’s next for a man that gave away his first and only masterpiece for nothing at all.


StartVids: Coding Master and Start-Up Wizards

July 6, 2010

Jeff Atwood at WebStock – Web

Stack Overflow’s and CodingHorror’s Jeff Atwood, super-programmer and tech guru, explains the web from the point of view of a large web application owner in the marketing and PR fields, discussing the future of the web on mobile devices and suggesting commentary on the processes going on today behind the curtains of the internet scene.

Paul Graham and Jessica LivingstonĀ  at Startup2Startup – Start-up Beginners’ Tips

Y Combinator’s Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston discussing the venture capital point of view for starting a start-up, defining clear goals for almost proven start-up success, and a bit of marketing advice for undergraduate engineers struggling in the social fields.