StartVids: Mark On Life After Facebook And SEO 101

September 15, 2010

Mark Zuckerberk Interview At

Geek superhero, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spilling the beans about the hottest social network in the game. This guy is remarkable for starting his own company from scratch, using old computer parts and 85$ a month, and should be taught as a case study in the Ive League schools-“How To Make A Billion, Bootstrap-Style”.

Basic SEO At

SEO’s simple. This basic tutorial shows you just how much so.  By using a clear presentation and a simple, small words, Jeff explains how Meta tags and Link Building can improve your brand’s visibility, reliability, and awareness of the public towards it, with just a bit of work for a great ROI. No to disgruntle all of you SEO experts out there-I know this is not easy 🙂


StartVids: Think Like A MovieMaker and 2 Factors For Internet Business Sucess

July 27, 2010

PIXELS By Patrick Jean

The reason I’m putting this terrific short movie here (besides the fact that it is terrific)  is because of the story behind it: This smart, smart individual, took his love for film-making and 8-bit games he played in his childhood, and went all KipKay on the subject to produce this great piece. It generated him tens of offers from Hollywood studios, and we’ll see him soon at movie credits. Go Patrick, that’s entrepreneurship.

Yaro Starak At

Yaro Starak from enterperneurship-journey describes from scratch what people are missing when marketing their site online-elaborating on two specific issues: A site is time-consuming and traffic building is hard-while pretty obvious, seems to be more than just left out but completely forgotten by internet marketers. Rock on, Internet Marketers, but watch this great video. Enjoy.