StartVids: Getting Over Fears and Time Hacking

January 27, 2010

Tim Ferriss at iGNiTe-The Practicality of Pessimism

“4 hour work week”‘s Tim Ferriss, elite entrepreneur and best-selling author, describes how the good and bad possible outcomes from different crossroads in our life affect our decisions, and describing in portrayal his methods for how to do things despite one’s fears. Excellent 5-minute presentation from iGNiTe’s series of lightning-fast lectures by tope experts in interesting fields.

Greg Head at iGNiTe-The Pomodoro Technique

Amazing time planning system makes weekly goals and lists of lists appear ridiciolous as inspiring talker Greg Head tells us about the “Pomodore Technique”-how to hack the time anxiety disorder most modern people are dealing with and beat the rat race in a productive, time-consuming manner.